In-House Training, Courses, Programs

Upon request, LightGabler can provide in-house training programs to its clients and large groups. Please see the list below for program details and contact information. To schedule a training program or to request further information, please email us at

Employment Law Training Programs

  • SEX HARASSMENT AVOIDANCE TRAINING -- This training program consists of two hours of state-mandated interactive training for supervisors at companies with 50 or more employees. The program includes all aspects of handling harassment complaints, investigation, legal requirements, policy elements, definitions and examples. Acknowledgment forms and updated harassment policies will be provided. Also available is a one-hour version of the training program for non-supervisors or supervisors at smaller companies.
  • HANDLING WORKPLACE CONFLICT: TOXIC BOSSES AND UNREMOVABLE EMPLOYEES -- This program covers the nature of conflict in the workplace, and provides suggestions for dealing with conflict between supervisors and subordinates and co-workers. This program may be conducted as a seminar presentation or as a roundtable discussion for manager trainings, conflict resolution programs or employee retreats.
  • HANDLING DISABILITIES IN THE WORKPLACE – This training program covers the requirements of the myriad of disability laws under California and federal law. Employers will be trained to recognize covered disabilities, conduct interactive discussions with disabled employees, analyze and implement reasonable accommodation and handle counseling, discipline and termination of disabled employees.
  • CONDUCTING WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS -- Employee complaints of harassment, retaliation, and other misconduct are steadily increasing in the workplace. Employers are required by law to investigate these complaints and take remedial action. Conducting an effective and prompt investigation will help employers to maintain productivity and minimize employee lawsuits. Our training program will guide you through the steps necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, properly document the facts, and effectively resolve employee complaints.
  • DIVERSITY TRAINING -- This one-hour PowerPoint training is designed to sensitize employees to cultural differences in the workplace, with primary focus on race, ethnicity, nationality and language. This program may qualify for attorney MCLE credit on the topic of "elimination of bias."
  • HOW TO BE AN EFFECTIVE SUPERVISOR -- This 1 to 1.5-hour PowerPoint primer trains management personnel on effective supervisor skills -- do's and don'ts, common mistakes made by supervisors, drafting and conveying effective personnel reviews, understanding at-will employment, proper disciplinary measures and necessary documentation, handling disabled employees, probation, layoffs, termination protocols, and conducting the termination meeting.
  • MANDATED LEAVES OF ABSENCE AND RELATED BENEFITS – This program is a 1 to 1.5-hour PowerPoint survey of the myriad leaves of absence applicable to California employers with one or more employees. The program includes a discussion of vacation, sick time, paid time off, and the maze of California and federal leave rules related to military leave, disability, pregnancy, baby bonding, ill family members and registered domestic partners, workers' compensation and mandated and voluntary benefits during leave. Among the "alphabet soup" of laws covered are PDL, PFL, FMLA, CFRA, ADA and SDI.
  • AVOIDING WAGE & HOUR PITFALLS – This seminar is a one-hour survey of exempt/non-exempt classifications, meal and rest break rules, overtime considerations, scheduling, work weeks, travel time, on-call time, blended rates for different work, salaried v. hourly employees, payroll, paystubs and paydays, holidays, vacations, sick time and paid time off. The training touches on all of the potential penalties imposed for violations in these areas, including the "Sue Your Boss" law and waiting time penalties.
  • HOT TOPICS IN EMPLOYMENT LAW -- A survey of the latest court cases, government regulations and new laws implemented each year, this seminar can be one to four hours in length, depending on available time. Employers will learn how to maintain compliance with the ever-changing landscape of employment law. A handout covering as many as 125 topics is provided to seminar attendees.
  • HOW TO BUILD AN EFFECTIVE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK -- This program involves a policy-by-policy review of proper handbook language, with specific suggestions for appropriate language and discussion of common problems arising in most employee handbooks. For a separate fee, and depending on the group and time available, we can build a handbook from scratch for each participant, with appropriate individualized review upon completion.

Intellectual Property Training Programs

  • TRADEMARK PROTECTION FOR YOUR NAME AND LOGO -- Your company name and logo may be your most valuable asset. Federal trademark registration provides universally recognized ownership rights at a relatively low cost. This seminar covers the benefits of registration and gives an overview of the kinds of words and symbols that can be registered.
  • THE TROUBLE WITH TRADE SECRETS -- Trade secret litigation in California is a growing industry, largely because businesses don’t act effectively to protect their own information and don’t guard themselves against liability. Employee mobility is a fact of life. Learn the best strategies for safeguarding information about customers, prices, margins, and key technologies. And learn how to reduce your risks when you hire employees away from your competitors.
  • INTERNET LEGAL ISSUES FOR BUSINESS -- An accessible, user-friendly website is an essential business tool. Websites also can be a magnet for legal trouble: domain-name cybersquatters trying to ride your coattails, or worse; hackers looking to steal your information; competitors mining your site for trade secrets. Learn how you can head off these problems, or efficiently solve them once they arise, and learn how to protect your Internet assets from damage by others.
  • FAIR AND UNFAIR COMPETITION -- California has some of the nation’s broadest statutes governing competitive practices. The penalties for stepping over the line can be severe, including criminal prosecution. You can reduce your risks of liability by understanding and applying a few basic concepts presented in this seminar.