A Taste of the 27-Point HR Audit to Whet Your Appetite (or Suppress It!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

7:30 am - 9:00 am

No charge to attend, RSVP is required *

Oxnard Courtyard Marriott
600 Esplanade Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036

Jonathan Fraser Light

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Seminar Overview

A Human Resources audit is one of the most significant risk management tools your company can implement. There are hidden employment law traps for virtually every employer. Senior management often assumes that employment law practices are handled appropriately throughout the company – “because that’s what the handbook says” or “that’s industry standard” -- only to find out during an audit with its management team that those practices aren’t handled that way in a particular department, building, or business unit, or “industry standard” isn’t legal after all.

A single five-minute meal break violation in each pay period can turn into damages and penalties of at least $18,000 for each employee, past and present, going back for up to four years. Auditing break and pay practices is only one of the many critical aspects of the Human Resources audit. Documentation of offer letters, confidentiality agreements, arbitration agreements, policies, meal break waivers, policies and forms for handling leaves of absence, training, and dozens of other issues contained in LightGabler's Human Resources audit may be an eye-opener for you and your management team.

This seminar will give you an overview of some of these issues, so that you can see why a personalized on-site audit may be just what your managers and supervisors need to keep the company out of expensive and time-consuming litigation.

*Attendance is limited to no more than three people per company.

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