Supervisors and Non-Supervisors Must Receive Training in 2019
Posted January 15, 2019

As a direct result of the #MeToo and similar movements, the topic of sexual harassment prevention in the workplace took center stage at the 2018-2019 legislative session.

As of January 1, 2019, California law now requires all companies with FIVE OR MORE EMPLOYEES to provide BOTH their supervisors AND non-supervisory employees with interactive sex harassment and bullying prevention training every two years (agricultural employers still must provide training every year).

New employees must be trained within six months of hire, and new supervisors within six months of starting a supervisory position. For supervisors, the training still must be at least two hours in length, and one hour for non-supervisory employees.

This is a significant change that will require action on the part of almost every California employer. At LightGabler, our employment attorneys present informative and entertaining training programs designed to help your company comply with the mandatory training requirements at a cost-effective price. Topics covered will include the prevention of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and bullying, as well as disciplinary documentation, investigating, resolving employee complaints and much, much more.

Registration Information: Contact your LightGabler attorney, or Kristine Chatari at 805.248.7089 or to schedule your training today!

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