LightGabler LLP Employment Law Training Programs

LightGabler LLP’s attorneys provide a wide array of training programs for management and staff, to protect company culture and productivity as well as promote legal compliance. Training programs regularly presented include management/supervisory training, wage and hour programs, employee handbook reviews, conducting effective employee evaluations and disciplinary actions, and many more. We can also develop a program tailored to your specific needs upon request.

One of our most commonly-requested programs is harassment and bullying training for supervisors and staff, required by law for California employers with five or more employees. LightGabler LLP offers in-person training at your office or ours, an online video training option, and regularly-scheduled group sessions. More information regarding these programs is described below.

Online Training Videos

LightGabler LLP Mandatory Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention Training

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE: California-Compliant Supervisory and Staff Online Training Videos on Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation and Bullying

California law requires that companies with five or more employees provide two hours of supervisory training and one hour of staff training every two years on harassment, discrimination, bullying and retaliation. LightGabler LLP recommends that this training be provided in person by our qualified trainers, to ensure the most effective training program. That said, we recognize that in-person training may not be feasible for all companies. To assist employers with these training requirements, LightGabler is pleased to offer online training videos for supervisors as well as non-supervisory staff.

LightGabler LLP’s online training programs are conducted by Jonathan Fraser Light, an employment attorney with over 30 years of experience advising employers and hundreds of hours spent training management and staff. The online videos require your employees to watch the training video, certify they have done so, and pass a ten question quiz with a score of at least seven correct answers. They will then receive via email a certificate of completion for their personnel files. To comply with interactive training requirements, trainees are given the opportunity to email post-training questions to for further clarification.

Pricing For Online Training Videos

The pricing is $750.00 for companies with 500 or less employees, and $1,200.00 for companies with 501 or more employees. The training will not expire, unless California’s training requirements are substantially changed in a manner that requires a training program update (no such changes are on the horizon at this time). The training may be used an unlimited number of times, which will help to keep you in compliance when you have new hires or newly-promoted supervisors.

One price gives you BOTH videos – one two-hour training for supervisors and one one-hour training for staff - for unlimited use by your employees..

500 or fewer employees



501 or more employees



Online Training Video FAQs

Disclaimer: LightGabler LLP’s online training videos comply with the California harassment and bullying training requirements as of January 2019, as set forth in AB 1343 (2019) and under AB 1825 (previous law), as codified in Sections 12950 and 12950.1 of the California Government Code. LightGabler cannot guarantee that our online training programs will comply with new or revised legal requirements in the future. Employers are solely responsible for monitoring applicable laws and seeking legal advice to ensure that their training programs remain in compliance with any updates or changes to applicable laws.

In-Person Training

LightGabler LLP Training for Supervisors and Staff on Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation and Bullying

California law requires companies with five or more employees to provide their supervisors with at least two hours of interactive sex harassment, discrimination and abusive conduct (bullying) prevention training every two years. The law also requires that all non-supervisory employees receive one hour of interactive training every two years. New employees in any position must be trained within six months of hire, and newly-promoted supervisors within six months of starting the supervisory position. There are unique training rules for agricultural and temporary staffing employers.

Training Seminars

LightGabler LLP regularly presents informative and entertaining training programs designed to help your company comply at a cost-effective price. Topics covered include prevention of sex harassment, discrimination and harassment based upon any protected category, retaliation and bullying, as well as investigating and responding to employee complaints. The training program complies with California legal requirements and allows employers to better protect the workplace from costly employment claims.

Upcoming Training Dates

Schedule A Training Program

Upon request, LightGabler LLP can provide in-house training programs for clients, business groups and civic organizations. To schedule a training program or to request further information, please email us at