Deadline to Conduct Harassment Training Is Extended
Posted September 3, 2019

SB 778 is an urgency measure, effective immediately. The bill extends out the current deadline (January 1, 2020) for employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training by one extra year, until January 1, 2021. The bill provides, however, that employers who have provided the required training to employees in 2019 will not need to provide a refresher training to employees for two years after the date of the training.

Additionally, the bill clarifies the requirements as to when an employer must provide training to its employees: “… each employer … shall provide sexual harassment training and education to each employee in California once every two years. New nonsupervisory employees shall be provided training within six months of hire. New supervisory employees shall be provided training within six months of the assumption of a supervisory position.”

Given the current #MeToo climate and increasing harassment claims, employers are advised to train their employees on harassment and bullying prevention at the earliest possible opportunity. LightGabler LLP offers in-person training at your office or ours, an online video training option, and regularly-scheduled group sessions. More information on how to schedule a training session or purchase the online video training can be found at:

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