I Need to Know Where This Relationship is Going... Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors, Employees, Exempt, Non-Exempt, Salary, Hourly and Temporary

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

7:30 am-9:00am (Continental breakfast will be served)

No charge; RSVP is required.

Best Western Posada Royale
1775 Madera Road
Simi Valley, CA, 93065

Presenter: Karen L. Gabler

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What Kind of Workers Do I Have?

In the spectrum of potential legal problems facing California employers today, few carry the destructive impact of the misclassification of workers. Treating an employee as an independent contractor, or a non-exempt employee as salaried exempt, can result in damages and penalties from a minimum of five state and federal agencies, as well as civil liability for the employer.

In this informative seminar, employment law attorney Karen L. Gabler will discuss the proper classification of workers to avoid liability. Topics covered will include the following:

  • "My employee wanted to be an independent contractor, so it's okay, right?"
  • "Why can't I avoid CA employment laws by hiring only contractors?"
  • "My employee works independently all the time..."
  • Why temporary workers might create the greatest liability
  • Why temp agencies can't protect you from liability
  • The three critical exemptions and a few available alternatives
  • How to avoid turning an exempt employee into a non-exempt employee
  • "My employee works without supervision, so he must be exempt..."
  • "My employee is salaried, so I don't owe her overtime, right?"
  • "Can I pay my exempt employee hourly wages?"
  • "Can I pay my non-exempt employee a salary?"
  • Why employees can't make their own agreements in California
  • Critical documentation every employer needs to defend contractor or exempt status

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