Why the PIP Won't You Improve? ... Writing Effective Memos to Employees for Counseling, Discipline, Performance Improvement Periods and Termination

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

7:30 am-9:00am (Continental breakfast will be served)

No charge; RSVP is required.

Oxnard Courtyard Marriott
600 Esplanade Dr.
Oxnard, CA

Presenter: Karen L. Gabler

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What Should I Say To My Employee?

Most employers realize that documentation of employee performance issues and clear termination memoranda is a critical step in motivating performance and defending against future claims. The question remains, however: what exactly should be in that documentation? How nice (or harsh) do I have to be? What should I say or not say? How can I encourage better performance? How do I protect myself if my employee complains?

In this practical and informative seminar, employment law attorney Karen L. Gabler will discuss the detailed steps involved in creating an effective performance memo. Topics covered will include the following:

  • What is a PIP?
  • What kind of memo should I write?
  • How do I start the memo?
  • How much detail is necessary?
  • How far back should I go?
  • How many examples do I need?
  • How long should the memo be?
  • How can I let them know this is serious?
  • How do I explain what kind of improvement is necessary?
  • What do I have to say in every memo?
  • What should I never say in any memo?
  • What do I do next if they won't sign it? (hint: writing "refused to sign" on the memo is not enough!)
  • Why isn't my employee "getting it"?
  • What if I don't want to make my employee feel bad?
  • What if I know my employee is going to be angry with me?
  • Can't I just say "it's not a good fit?"
  • Why bother writing a memo if I'm an at-will employer?

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